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So, late last night, or early this morning, I couldn’t sleep cause of I suffer from slight insomnia. When I can’t sleep, I end up being creative. So I ended up creating a new song for my playlist. I don’t know how many people are familiar with the band Griffin House, but I covered their song “The Guy Who Says Goodbye to You is Out of His Mind.” Griffin House is an acoustic and very natural and down to earth-sounding band.

Now how I created the song was I got the Firefox internet addon Youtube Droid to download the mp3  of a YouTube video of Inublack (Christopher Ramos) playing his instrumental cover of the song here. Taking the mp3, I opened up Mac Garageband and created a new file. I added the loop and created another track for my vocals. I sang, finished and exported to Itunes then uploaded to my website. Special thank you to Inublack.

The Guy That Says Good Bye to You-Griffin House Cover

Check it out in the Jplayer, located on the sidebar! I hope you like it. Remember give me any suggestions you have for song that I should sing if you wish.

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