1. Ryan O'Gorman

    Did You See The Sky Today?


    Walking to my 6:00 class, I found myself muddling in my own thoughts, pondering unimportant things, mulling over small troubles. When I walk and think, I look at the ground for concentration. So, I never really looked up, walking from my apartment, til I was on the bridge crossing over …

  2. Ryan O'Gorman

    Daily Shoot- Prepared- February 8, 2011 #ds450


    Ok. You gotta picture this one. You wake up in the morning. Everything is blurry. You wipe the sleep out of your eyes and sit up. You climb out of bed go into the bathroom, do your business. Then you find yourself in front of your drawers. Then, you realize …

  3. Ryan O'Gorman

    Daily Shoot- Depth- February 4, 2011


    When I was thinking of a photo for this I decided that I was also thirsty so I went and got something to drink. Then when I looked at the glass I realized it had depth, so I took a picture of it. I discolored it using Google Picasa and …

  4. Ryan O'Gorman

    Daily Shoot-Repetition-January 31, 2010


    This daily shoot is made based on the subject of “Repetition.” I created this by taking a photo of the blinds from a view going from the bottom to the top of the blinds. The light is sunlight. I did a little editing using Google Picasa.

  5. Ryan O'Gorman

    POP Alert-Griffin House Cover


    So, late last night, or early this morning, I couldn’t sleep cause of I suffer from slight insomnia. When I can’t sleep, I end up being creative. So I ended up creating a new song for my playlist. I don’t know how many people are familiar with the band Griffin …

  6. Ryan O'Gorman

    Music Is My Life… When I Have a Life


    So, did you hear the big news? I added a new widget to my sidebar. It plays music and is called mp3 Jplayer. I created a playlist by uploading four songs that I had created. And it worked…. damn.

    The songs I uploaded are, yes, of me singing a few …

  7. Ryan O'Gorman

    The Power of Animated Gifs


    So I was experimenting with animated gifs, so I decided to make a few of my own. Using the website http://picasion.com/ I took photos I took on my computer and created gifs from them. So I created one. Here is one of me RAWRing:


    I can’t wait to make …

  8. Ryan O'Gorman

    Slow and Steady


    Experimenting with my blog has turned out to be a bit taxing on my mental health. First, the process of even setting up my blog took forever based on the tiniest human error. In a field where I had to type in my blog url (bangpop.info) I inputed it as …

  9. Ryan O'Gorman

    How Kevin Got Jipped


    My 30 Second story:

    My roommate Kevin was out at the grocery store getting some eggs. He was stopped by a middle aged man down on his luck. He was selling a surround sound stereo for $600 on the side of the road. Kevin said he would buy it for …

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