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Pomegrante Martinis

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So this story isn’t strictly all ages, but I figure I’m 22 and the lovely ladies in the pictures just celebrated their 23rd birthdays* so it’s all good. The background: Feb. 1st were the twins’ birthday and so they both came back to Fredericksburg** to celebrate with all their not-graduate friends (and some who have graduated but haven’t left yet). The party was held in the private room at Capital Ale House and, because we’re all of age, we ordered alcoholic beverages. Lauren (the one on the left) ordered a pomegranate martini. And the a friend ordered her and her sister Heather (the one on the right) pomegranate martinis. And now the story (conceived and performed by Lauren Greider. Pickles eaten by Heather.)
Panel 1: Mmmm pomegranate martini. Panel 2: But soon I won’t have anymore :( Panel 3: I have another at the ready! Yay!

*Yes, they’re twins.
**Lauren is currently in Charlotte, SC and Heather is in Pittsburgh, PA.

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