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This week’s Take One features a visual assignment, Common everyday object or Common everyday object (it’s double posted, go figure).

The rules for this assignment were simple, take a photo of a common object, and manipulate the color.

My first thought: keys. So that’s what I took a photo of. The issue? Keys don’t contain much color.

So, I added in a Sharpie and a Pencil, and changed it to “common everyday objects“.

From here on, it was relatively simple to reach the end product in photoshop. All I really did was alter the levels to change how the colors are displayed–making the colors very bright–and I like how it turned out.

So, while there is not a lot to this assignment, I do like the finished product, and here it is for your viewing pleasure:



  1. Iddan Brown

    October 4, 2011

    This is great stuff. I love that you let us on to the process of how you made your design and included before and after.

  2. Sid

    October 4, 2011

    Definitely one of my favorites in this stream. It definitely has an animated tone but is also realistic at the same time, good job!

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