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    the end


    DS106 has been a very interesting course. I enrolled the course with no real preconception of what it would contain, and maybe that’s the best way to take this course.  It’s not for everybody, I would assume, and there were parts of the class that I enjoyed (mash-ups) more than …

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    The Last Chapter


    So, in the hour and some odd minutes between Spanish and DS106, I have here, my last edition of my final project.

    I chose to knock out another mashup assignment, this one entitled ds106 Mashup, where the name of the game is to take two assignments that were created …

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    BEHOLD, the DATA!


    I procrastinated on starting this assignment quite a bit. My course load for Software Engineering has overshadowed most of my other classes, and I’m doing my best.

    Anyways, this weekend I sought out to make some good progress on this assignment.  Previously, I found a data source, and I wanted …

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    back on track


    Sooo, I’ve been busy. Haven’t had the sort of time I’d like to put towards this class, but I’m here with another edition of “Take One” (I’m working on leaving some assignments, I swear!).

    This week, I decided to try my hand on Spreadsheet Invasion, mostly because it sounded …

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    I’ve been thinking about this mash-up project, and since day one I wanted to do something with data. I have, however, been insanely busy, and have barely had a chance to look into it until today. So, yes, this post about what it is I’m doing is insanely late, but …

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    this will do


    So, video essays…


    Commentary from c r on Vimeo.

    There’s mine.

    I don’t know how I feel about this assignment. It was really tough to even choose a movie, let alone one that I could talk about. And, for the purposes of this assignment, you really have to …

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    Find a website, much around in the HTML, and create a story. Oh, my.


    I’ve had a few ideas kicking around in my head since we got the assignment.  Some of those included telling odd stories in Wikipedia, but the amount of content needed sort of threw me off …

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    This time around, I chose the design project “Warning“.  The task of the assignment was to create a warning label for something that exists only in a movie or in your imagination.

    My first thought: the time traveling Delorean from Back to the Future.

    But I couldn’t find …

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    you are listening to…

    THE lounge

    DS106 RADIO!

    I’ve got to say, when this assignment was thrown at us, I thought it was all a little unfair. Midterms, spring break, a new medium, and 30 minutes of content to produce.

    Our first “deliverable” was to create 5 minutes of content, and we were given …

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    a random post


    SO, as per my final project, I delved deep into the ds106.us site and found an interesting assignment I wanted to tackle this week, “An Album Cover“.

    The task: make a cool album cover.

    The challenge: the title of the band, album, and picture for the cover are …

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    long overdue: “Take One, Leave One”


    So, for a while there I had no idea what to do or where to go with my final project, and to be quite honest, I’ve been busy.  I even meant to write this post about a week ago.  I’m not sure if hate is the right word, so I …

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    radio reading


    response to reading: Radio: An Illustrated Guide

    I’m not a fan of comics.  Looking past that fact, using a graphic novel to introduce the art of radio is definitely an interesting idea.  Even so, I was not fond of this medium/presentation.  All of the little anecdotes were mildly interesting, but …

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    the big caption


    An interesting assignment, full of possibilities — take any random photo from The Big Picture and add typographical text elements in a way that changes the message, in the spirit of The Big Caption.

    It took me a little while to decide which assignment I’d choose for this week, …

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    favicons & html


    Yesterday I was looking at my default image icon for my twitter & flickr accounts and decided I had to do something about it. So, using the flickr I searched for some creative commons images. I ended up liking this image: by Leo Reynolds.

    Uploading it to Twitter and …

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    first assignment: the animated gif


    So, the first assignment – make an animated gif out of a scene from a movie that you either love or hate.  Admittedly, I managed to not read the due date, and I did a bit of slacking before I even figured that out, but here it is.

    A touching …

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