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new project update

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Ok, timelines and schedule revised and finalized!  As seen on a previous project I was able to kill two birds with one stone and get some research done on my character while completing another project.  Since then I have culminated further ideas and came up with a definitive schedule for my final projects creation. 

1.  Complete research of 2 sides of the project subject to include both my main character Ambrose Burnside and the events surrounding the story of the project itself.

2. Develop understood “unknowns” about the character to craft and shape him into the part identifiable with the story.

3. Finish collecting media to include more images and possibly old footage and footage I may shoot myself.

4. Finish crafting the narrative with final version of story script, putting character into position to exploit the theme.

5. Procure video camera.

6.  Identify “expert” on “keeping it real” to serve as validity to the story.  Develop questions for mock interview with this mock expert and record interview.

7. Identify music to incorporate. Compile media, edit, mix and voice over.

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