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  1. Jared

    ds106, this is it.

     My favorite work is obviously the one posted below (the final project.)  In regards to the rest of the class there are a few that stand out: The Lost in Minecraft Series (because of its level of creativity, Travis’ Video on how to make people angry (mostly cause his niece is so adorable) and who could forget the ...
  2. Jared


    Well here it is finally!  I wanted to have this up last week but me being the novice that I am recorded all the original footage holding the iPhone vertically.  I had to go back and re-shoot just about everything, no big deal, but lesson learned for sure.  I had a blast with this project ...
  3. Jared

    for prospective ds106 students

    To Prospective ds106 Students: For most of you the decision on whether or not to take this class probably rests solely on schedule and the need to fulfill the Arts Literature and Performance requirement.  When thinking about this class please consider the advice below as an  augmentation to the three line description in the enrollment ...
  4. Jared

    final final project update

    This weekend got a lot done.  Was able to get all of the interview footage and outside shots I needed despite the weather not being cooperative.  As of right now I’ve just got one more scene to shoot.  Now I am putting everything together and editing in iMovie.  I hope to have everything finished before ...
  5. Jared

    Alan the Life Coach

    Well here it is, Travis and mys love child of a creation Alan the Life Coach.  Our subject was Alan from The Hangover. Everyone is pretty familiar with the character and as stated in previous posts we wanted to turn the character he plays in the movie in a totally different direction.  I think it ...
  6. Jared

    mashup project – update

    Travis and I will be working on the mashup project assignment.  We decided early on to go with a movie and create an alternate trailer that goes 180 with the original context of the movie.  After a few more days of throwing ideas back and forth on what type and movie to use we decided ...
  7. Jared

    new project update

    Ok, timelines and schedule revised and finalized!  As seen on a previous project I was able to kill two birds with one stone and get some research done on my character while completing another project.  Since then I have culminated further ideas and came up with a definitive schedule for my final projects creation.  1.  Complete research ...
  8. Jared

    video essay – life aquatic

    I did my video essay assignment on one of my favorite films “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.”  I didn’t find the assignment too particularly difficult but the uploading to YouTube aspect of it was kind of a pain.  I was surprised at how lengthy the actual uploading process was as opposed to the actual ...
  9. Jared

    project story in html

    Ok, so I used this assignment as a chance to tie in my final project ideas.  It also gave me a chance to do some more research on the project and analyze how I will apply it to a specific theme.  Editing the html on a wikipedia site wasn’t that bad.  I did make the ...
  10. Jared

    another project update

    real quick… I know I was hoping to be in the process of writing out a script/narrative for the story but after deciding to change focus to one character I realized that there would be much more research required.  Not just research on the Battle of Fredericksburg but also and moreso on General Burnside and ...
  11. Jared

    project update

    Ok, initially my project was to be focused on “The Battle of Fredericksburg” with never before seen color footage.  Well I’ve decided to narrow that a bit and focus on one main character with an emphasis on his story re-told with new footage, interviews etc..  Thus I have refined the title (written below) and started ...
  12. Jared

    get me to a microphone, I need to broadcast….

    I still haven’t decided whether I like radio or not, that being from the perspective of the broadcaster/writer, not listener.  Over the past few weeks I have been working with a couple class mates on a project to produce a 30 minute radio show/ radio segment with a consistent over arching theme.  My overall opinion of this ...
  13. Jared

    Young me and Now me

    How ironic that I’m wearing a Ghostbusters shirt.  And yes I know, at some point in my life I switched to playing right handed although I am left handed.
  14. Jared

    official first post Version Zwei

    With new improved gif! Some days I wear ties and some days I don’t.  I like to appear ready for “business” at the office for work that day.  It’s like a prop that goes in conjunction with my coffee cup.  On those days that I wear ties I’ve begun to make note of investigating possible ...
  15. Jared

    understanding web2.0

    by In my eyes Web 2.0 is a representation of the next/current synthesis in the future of the internet and networking.  The internet continues to grow and show us more and more ways to “connect the dots” between us.  Storytelling, being representative of human behavior, is at the center of the web 2.0 movement.  Alexander ...
  16. Jared

    designpick II

    this was the last movie i saw so….. I think it turned out pretty good; the butterfly I think could have been a little better.  I had to use MS Paint as I am still in search of an equivalent program for Mac.  I did demo Sketchbook which is nice but still has limitations.   I’m ...
  17. Jared

    “Once you’re grown up democracy is not so pure.”

    Ok, so it’s apparent that I listened to the “Kid Politics” episode of This American Life but I’ll get to that in a moment.  I felt the 4 part you-tube video series in addition to the book RADIO: An illustrate guide served as a good primer for examining the structure and presentation of an episode from This ...
  18. Jared

    Radio Reading

    I thought RADIO: An Illustrated Guide served as a great introduction to a better understanding of storytelling architecture within a radio media medium.  I would probably say this format of media that may be deemed as old-fashioned by today’s standards still illustrates the most important fundamentals of storytelling.  Why?  I think because radio unlike any other means ...
  19. Jared

    issues loading images into wordpress posts

    Test Photo: Has anyone else been having issues with loading images into wordpress posts post-3.0.5 update?  I’ve tried both uploaders and tried linking an embed with a URL as well.  I’ve tried clearing cookies and trying in a different session as well as tried it in Safari to no avail.  I also tried deactivating plugins ...
  20. Jared

    For that old fashioned taste…

    by … know, that taste of cocaine in your soda dummy.  Well I had that thirst today; with the stress of work and school building up over the past few weeks this urge was bound to come along.  So, I went to see my friend James the chemist who just happens to be from  England ...
  21. Jared

    Final Project Planning Phase

    So I’ve been thinking about this final project idea recently and have come to the conclusion that it will all be centered around the most recent historical events hosted by the wonderful city of Fredericksburg: “The Battle of Fredericksburg” – Re-told with previously never before seen color footage That’s all I’m going to say.  It’s ...
  22. Jared

    The vital role of business storytelling

    “The shortest distance between two people is a story.”  Although related to storytelling I think this article places more of an emphasis on effective corporate/business communication.  That emphasis on effective communication methods in the corporate world is not really surprising to me; I see it quite often actually.  The article goes on to detail these ...
  23. Jared

    First “Official” Post

    Some days I wear ties and some days I don’t.  I like to appear ready for “business” at the office for work that day.  It’s like a prop that goes in conjunction with my coffee cup.  On those days that I wear ties I’ve begun to make note of investigating possible correlations between how my ...
  24. Jared

    Gif FAIL

    Ok, so as a first this turned out horribly.  I didn’t have a whole lot of time to get the frames right and in addition had to use the trial version of a clip editing software, thus the “watermark.”
  25. Jared

    site coming along…../ TEST

    It’s getting there, it’s getting there…. i’ve managed to settle in on a theme and get the feel for most of the options and site parameters, though im sure that will change.  i’ve also managed to get the twitter feed installed.  not much luck with facebook though.  maybe i should try a different plugin?  the ...

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