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Future Ds106ers

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Dear Future Ds106ers,

To all of you eager and supple young minds who are looking for an interesting class to take for fun or for a Gen Ed requirement, look no further.  Digital Storytelling, or CPSC 106, is a really fantastic class that is basically a combination of an English and Computer Science class.  The class centers around how storytelling has evolved in today’s modern age and how we as people of this technological age shape, manipulate, and interpret these stories.  The internet was built upon a foundation of stories and this theme has continued to grow and shape itself as the internet continues to grow and evolve.  This class examines all aspects of this new digital storytelling from video and radio to manipulating mp3 files and even HTML code.  The class is really fun because almost all of it is centered around your computer and, at least for me, this made things 10 times easier.  Some of the material is a little hard to grasp and some of the programs that you have to download can be a little daunting to manipulate, but with a little time and trial and error things worked themselves out.  I loved the way everything in the class was integrated together and the class really was a single unity instead of just a bunch of individuals.  The blog aspect was also really awesome to me because it gave you a space that was completely yours and that you could take complete creative control over.  It also made things easier to turn in and assignments easier to complete because all you had to do was to upload them to your blog when you were done.  I’ll be honest this class isn’t just a walk in the park and you do have to put a lot of time and effort into some of the projects but it really is a trade off because you are able to express yourself creatively and really take total artistic freedom with the projects, and in my mind that really makes the class.




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