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Farewell Digsto

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I really liked this class! I learned tons. It’s definitely not a class for people who expect it to be like most 100 level courses where you don’t do much except write a paper and have a few tests/quizzes. It requires going to class and actually paying attention because there are a lot of programs we ended up downloading and learning how to use and stuff on the computer.

I think my favorite part was when I was doing my final project without really knowing it because I was stressing about my comics, which I never really liked. This of course was recently, only yesterday J So, I really like my final project now because I really did put lots of effort into it. I think it’s funny because making gifs is what I did to procrastinate on my work…so, it’s funny a long it was really workkkkk

I also really liked the design assignment. I was really excited about that one and I’m pretty proud of my final product.

The daily shoot was definitely something that was interesting. I kind of wanted to keep it going but I forgot my camera the day after the last time we had to do it for class and that was the end of that.

I also really thought the radio assignment was awesome. I don’t think we had that many problems with it as other people though. I guess, the 30 minutes were really hard to fill. But hardest part for us was coming up with a topic. I mean my team members (Calvin and Greg) were really awesome with that and our final product I think turned out great!

I think I will choose to save my blog via. umw blogs. I think I took away a lot with working with the different programs we got to download. And of course learning how to make gifs was probably the one I’ll carry on with me since I plan on keeping up my tumblr.

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