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Vision For The Future

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For my fourth and final visual assignment, I chose to do the pick a photo, add a filter, and add text. There were some more specifics to this, but I kind of decided to go my own way with it. I took a photo from a couple of years ago and decreased the light and saturation. This made the photo look older and less bright. I continued to make the photo a little foggy in order to make it look like it was taken a while ago. By doing this and increasing the contrast, the brightness of the lights showed a little more but not enough to make it too bright and look like a brand new photo. The photo still looks rather old but there is a definite carnival scene to it. I could not think of any great words to make this picture great so I took it upon myself to find words that someone else had written that would make my new photo great. I follow a site called I Wrote This For You almost everyday. It is a phenomenal site with an incredible story behind it and a great message. Basically, these two guys met in a chat room one night and decided to make a website together. They have never met. The photographer lives (currently: lived) in Japan and the writer lives in South Africa. Together, they created this amazing site and have touched the hearts of many people, including myself. I highly recommend it so here is the link: (I didn’t use Helvetica for my font because I liked this one better. Sorry?)

The quote I took from the writer is from one of his posts called “The Bricks Made Of Memories.” I put this quote on my own picture to make the assignment work and to get people thinking. The link for this quote is here:

So, here is my man-made picture and quote from Iain Thomas :)

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