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  1. Katie Sterling


    Oh noooooooooooo it’s overrrr I’m so sadd!! But, I must say that it’s been one hell of a ride. I thoroughly enjoyed this class, even with all its craziness. I did a video reflection of the class which you can all watch below. I do hope to keep my blog going for when I’m in ...
  2. Katie Sterling

    Archy Archive

    So I really thought archiving my blog was going to be hard… it wasn’t at all. I’m sad to see this class come to an end, but I’m glad that all of my work is archived. I thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone and getting to learn and see everyone else’s work. It’s been real. ds106 ...
  3. Katie Sterling

    Video Assignment Numero Dos

    Here is my second video assignment. This one took me WAY less time since I figured out how everything works. I decided to do the Video Essay. Since I started off this class with a .gif from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I thought it was only fitting to do my last assignment using the same movie. ...
  4. Katie Sterling

    Video Assignment Numero Uno

    After hours upon hours upon HOURS of trying to figure all this video stuff out, I was finally able to do my first video assignment. I decided to do a mashup because I thought it would be fun. It was once I figured out how to do it, but before that it took me FOREVER. ...
  5. Katie Sterling

    Harry Potter is Selling his Deathly Hallows!

    For the web stories assignment, I decided to have Harry Potter selling his deathly hallows on Amazon. The inspiration came from the premiere of the final Harry Potter moving coming out and watching the tutorial. I thought this assignment was pretty cute and interesting. Unfortunately, I don’t think I went about this the best way. ...
  6. Katie Sterling

    Three’s a Crowd

    I got a littleee backed up on assignments these past couple of weeks. Here is my third audio assignment. I decided to do a ds106 radio bumper (not specifically for my radio show). I picked a good intro from a song, and then added the “I want to be a hippie” part.  I added that ...
  7. Katie Sterling

    Updated Bumper

    I got some suggestions from the comments so here is an updated version of my radio bumper for Team Obliteration. There was a long pause before the Harry Potter music started so I added “ds106 radio” in there. I didn’t add our team name or theme because we talk about that in the introduction of ...
  8. Katie Sterling


    The Summer of Oblivion continues forward as we move into the radio portion of the class. I have zero idea how a radio show is supposed to be done so I’m kind of just winging it with my group. We were told to make two bumpers, one 30 second one and one 1 minute one. ...
  9. Katie Sterling

    Daily Shoots

    Late Late Late!! Bad, I know. Here are my final Daily Shoots. Enjoy! DS593: Make a photograph today that features the sky DS594: Feature a plant in a photograph today. Domestic, wild, or anything in between is fair game. DS595: Play with contrasting scale today: juxtapose something small with something big! DS596: Make a photo ...
  10. Katie Sterling

    Need a group!

    Hey! First, I still need a group for the radio show if anyone is interested! Please let me know! Second, my last few Daily Shoot pictures are on my phone and I left my charger at home so hopefully they will be up tomorrow. Third, my last audio assignment will be on here tomorrow as ...
  11. Katie Sterling

    ds106 Weather Report

    For my second audio assignment, I decided to try out the interview / music mashup assignment. It took quite a while for me to get this done, but it was worth it in the end. I decided to put out a weather report for ds106 where the weatherman (aka Mr. Weatherman) speaks only in song. ...
  12. Katie Sterling

    Attack of the Audio

    I know I’ve been a little MIA the past couple of days, and I apologize. This weekend was crazy with work and seeing my family, and unfortunately my ds106 work suffered from that. However, it is 2am and I’m ready to rock. I finished my first audio assignment, the Sound Effects Story. I have never ...
  13. Katie Sterling

    Harry Potter Saves Orphans, Too

    For my third Design Assignment, I decided to try out the “Where did that guy come from?!” assignment. I may or may not be a Harry Potter fanatic, so I went with an image from one of the movies. I haven’t worked that much with gimp or cropping or adding or layers or anything really. ...
  14. Katie Sterling

    The Big Caption

    For my second design assignment, I decided to do The Big Caption. I realize that it is incredibly similar to The Big Hip Hop that I did, but I really liked the assignment so I decided to do another. I have really taken a liking to The Big Picture. I took a picture that was ...
  15. Katie Sterling

    Polar Bear

    So basically, this has nothing to do with anything other than my love of dogs. I’m sitting in a Starbucks finishing up some ds106 stuff, because both my parents are having work done on their houses and have forbid me to enter them. Regardless, I’m at Starbucks and I look out the window and there ...
  16. Katie Sterling

    Tick Tock Tick Tock

    For yesterday’s Daily Shoot assignment, we were to take a photo of whatever makes us think of the word “deadline.” I immediately saw this silly clock in my friend’s room and took a picture. I thought it worked quite well, because deadlines are about time and getting things done, but they are also kind of ...
  17. Katie Sterling


    For Wednesday’s Daily Shoot assignment, we were to take a picture illustrating choice. I had a really tough time trying to figure this one out. I didn’t want to be obvious (per the usual) so I again waited for the picture to come to me. And it did as I was watching my cat, Luna, ...
  18. Katie Sterling

    White All Over

    For yesterday’s Daily Shoot we had to make a photograph using white in a dominant manner. I was sitting at the gas station waiting for my mom to fill up her car when I saw that the side of the building was white bricks. It’s easy for me to think of things that I could ...
  19. Katie Sterling

    The Big Not-So-Much Hip Hop

    For my first design assignment, I decided to try The Big Hip Hop. However, my assignment is not so hip hop. I watched Tim Owens tutorial on how to do this assignment and tried to follow it step by step. I don’t listen to a lot of rap music, and when I went through the ...
  20. Katie Sterling

    I Am Number Three

    For today’s Daily Shoot we had to take a picture based around the number 3. Not necessarily just the NUMBER, but three objects or three colors… anything relating to the number three. I just finished watching today’s video from Jim Groom and he kept saying that we need to be creative and the more we ...
  21. Katie Sterling

    You Aren’t Original, Sorry.

    Kirby Ferguson’s Everything Is A Remix Part 3 has got everything right. He discusses basically the invention of everything and how even though it may seem “new” it’s really just an improved combination. In discussing creativity, Ferguson says that the 3 elements of creativity are: copy, transform, and combine. Everyone copies someone else to some ...
  22. Katie Sterling

    Is Everyone Creative?

    I just finished listening to Tim Owens’ “We Are All Artists.” I found it very intriguing, however I disagree on a few points. He talks about creativity and how best to be creative. His specific points in his discussion are (taken from his website): Creativity is not inherited In sports we accept the idea that ...
  23. Katie Sterling

    Vision For The Future

    For my fourth and final visual assignment, I chose to do the pick a photo, add a filter, and add text. There were some more specifics to this, but I kind of decided to go my own way with it. I took a photo from a couple of years ago and decreased the light and ...
  24. Katie Sterling

    Stairway to Heaven


    For today’s Daily Shoot, we had to take a monochromatic picture. I wasn’t sure if this meant to take a picture of something that was black and white or black and another color, or if we were to manipulate a photo to make it monochromatic. I decided to take a picture of a staircase at ...

  25. Katie Sterling

    We’re bipolar (wink!)


    For yesterday’s Daily Shoot (which I put up on Flickr and Twitter just didn’t get a chance to put it on my blog), we had to create a picture illustrating attraction. I thought all day about what to take a picture of and I came up with the lamest thing ever, I think… magnets on ...

  26. Katie Sterling

    Baby You Could Be My Corona And Lime


    For yesterday’s Daily Shoot assignment, we had to make a photo of two complementary objects showing their relationship to each other. This one was kind of hard to grasp, but I think I managed. I didn’t want to do the obvious things like peanut butter and jelly (Not that that is a bad one, just ...

  27. Katie Sterling

    Wizards Are The Worst


    For my third visual assignment I decided to tackle the troll quotes. I found it rather amusing and pretty easy. Troll quoting is this : Description: The assignment is to take a photo, a quote from a different character than the one in the picture, and a name from a third character different from the ...

  28. Katie Sterling

    Dr. Oblivion is Missing!

    Dr. Oblivion has gone missing! No one knows where he has gone… but people are suspecting Jim Groom is behind this. Something about jealousy and wanting a better title blahblahblah. In order to help find him, I’ve made a missing persons post...
  29. Katie Sterling

    Under The Magnolia Tree


    This is the Daily Shoot from yesterday : Make a photo that gives us a unique perspective on an otherwise ordinary scene.

    I was walking to class and saw this beautiful magnolia tree. I decided to stand underneath of it to give what would be an ordinary tree.. a new perspective. As soon as I ...

  30. Katie Sterling

    Bands Are Underrated


    SO… since I wasn’t on my computer for longer than like five minutes yesterday… here is my first visual assignment. I decided to start with my first album cover. The prompt was this: “First, go here: The title of the article is now the name of your band. Next, go here: Go to ...

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