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Set Up

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So my process was fairly simple. I essentially followed the instructions under “Assignment 1″. I had some things done before from previous projects. I already had the domain name “” registered with GoDaddy. In fact, I used to have that pointing to a WordPress blog that I had pretty much let go. I also already had an account on Site5 for other projects, so for me all I had to do was point my already existing domain name to this new site I created with Site5. Then I had to mess with Fantistico (I had never used that before, previously I had just let WordPress host my blog) for a little bit to figure out how to use it to set up a WordPress blog. Then I picked a title for the blog and I was ready to go!

Earlier, I mentioned that I had previously had “” pointing to a blog. I have been meaning to maintain a blog for quite a while. So I’m pretty excited about DS 106 for the sheer fact that it will help force me to maintain a blog!

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