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My life was busy I was a fulltime student and a full time employee, I was all alone in New York City. All i wanted was time to smell the roses, and take life as it came. Oneday my mother told me I was expecting a gift from her.And that it would keep me company at night and that i would allow me to smell the roses. Then she told me i must go to the airport and pick up my gift.. and his name was TROOP!!. With Troop iam able to smell the roses on our long walks and he keeps me company thoughout the day. They say dogs are a mans bestfriends. But I think dogs are a girls best accessory.

WEB 2.0 – As i read the articles it showed me in dept about the meaning of web 2.0,before with the web 1.0 it was just bout what is published most things were already made and we as readers or researchers was just able to see what was posted on the web.But with web 2.0 we are able to blog, tag pictures videos and articles, it is more of a sharing atmosphere. You are able to control your own data, and what is seen. Everything you need is found in google,The web has made a big improvement from web 1.0 to web 2.0. The web is now a “self servicing” place, from ebay, Us the people are in control even with music. Even though you have to make sure your doadloading from a safe website, there are places like napster, frostwire,lime wire, that provides music and videos and now even google.Permalinks are beggining to become more popular, expecially for college students,it make thing more simple nd more easy to access. What i got from the articles is that the web is simplifying the world and it can only get better.

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