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    Final Project( Menice to Society)


    This is my Final Project, I decided to go with the xtranormal application. i found this to be one of my favorite applications that we have used during my class at DS106. I was originally going to do the remake of Scary movie 2. But it didnt work out to …

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    Final project update


    My original plan was todo a remake of the remake of scary movie 2 the basketball scene. But I do not have enough people who is willin to participate or even be the camera person So iam going to witch it up a little bit hopefully it is still enjoyable…

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    Final Reflection


    This has been the most interesting class I ever took, in the history of college.lol I was able to work not only in school but mostly at home.I was able to show my more creative side and display it on the web for everyone to see. What I gain from …

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    My Final Project


    It is coming down to the end of this term and the Final Project is soon due.The most annoying assignments to me have been the video assignments.So for my final I will be slaying the dragon I call Video Re-Make. Some idea that I have came p with is doing …

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    30 second documentry 3 stars


    This is a video of me doing something that I do well and that is video recording. This is a fottage i took of my grandfather, performing a scene from the bible .I love recording videos and photographer. and the was i got this video is by recroding it from …

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    Swede a scene 5 points


    This video is of me doing an reactment of the movie the Blair witch project its the apologize scene. Where the lady is saying her sorry’s and goodbye because she is about to die.I used the videditor application on my iphone. This is actually one of my favorite scenes from …

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    Self documentry 2 points


    This isashort video diary of myself talking about me procrastinating. I think this would be a fun video that actually can teach people something and that is its not a good idea to procrastinate and that by doing that you lose alot of sleep. And also a lot can be …

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    animated music video 4 stars


    One of my favorite songs is Promiscuous Girl by Nelly Furtado and Timberland.So this remix with this cartoon hit it on the spot. It is the old Squirrel cartoon remixed…

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    What makes me laugh 2 stars


    There is very few movies that can actually make me laugh are much less put a smile on my face. But everytime I watch this scene from scary movie 2 it always makes me laugh no matter what. I have always been a fan of the wayne brothers and this …

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    Video mash up Beauty Queen 3 stars


    This is my video mask up of beauty queens. This has been one of my favorite assignments.I took 5 clips from movies that showed beauty queens or girl who act like beauty queens from past movies and combined it into a video clip thatwas fun and exciting to watch it …

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    Blue Violent 2012-04-10 10:12:11



    I figured a nice way to show perspective is to actually look through my glasses to see the computer screen on da106 I do it everyday were I have to look through an object to see another object

    Tiny eyes and Hat

    This is a picture of me with …

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    Blue Violent 2012-03-26 09:14:19


    I figured this would be an amazing was to show yellow,who doesn’t like the movie 300, and better yet you wouldn’t love to pull that move on someone.
    This is a tree that I believe have huge soul,with it’s many branches and how it spreads out all over the tree …

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    My experience with my radio group K.A.T.S


    My experience with the radio station was amazing,we were complete strangers.I didnt even know they were in my class. But we came up with great ideas and different story lines to follow, as well as who would be in charge of the host, audio engineer and the organizer. There was …

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    What my spring break is gonna sound like (1point)


    This is what my spring break is going to sound like.I have a busy life with school work,being a landlord for my mother and being in a relationship there is little time for me time so for spring break when everyone is getting drunk and partying i will be sound …

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    Morning Show


    This is my boundrys most days working at jfk aitport.

    I found this project to be very interesting to work into a group setting our group is doing a morning show theme,with paternity test mondays and all kinds of silly skits to keep the ds106 audience excited and wanting to …

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    My beautiful SunSet (1 point)


    This picture may seem a little weird but my focus is not only of the sunset but it is also of the area. This is a picture from inside the skywalk of JFK airport. Everyday after class when most people are finishing up their 9-5 jobs and classes iam heading …

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    Daily Creates


    These are my daily creats for the week, I find doing these daily creates fun and very entertaining. It is a way for me to think outside of the box and just create art without being judged. Because of this class i fell in love with photoart, it is a …

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    Alternative World


    This is a picture of my alternative world.Sometimes this is exactly how i feel, like iam going in a continious spiral.Juggling school and work i know thats hows alot of students feel themselves.And if you take a close look to the right corner you will see The worlds CUNY …

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    This in my measuring cup you can use it to measure substance, I use this measuring cup every morning to insure that my pancakes comes out perfecty every morning …

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    My MeMe two point assignment


    Taking a leap

    This is a picture of a lady taking a leap of faith. I actually find it inspiration sometimes you just gotta take a chance and whatever outcome you must always try to succeed
    Comicbook effect 1 star assignment

    This is a picture i took earlier today at …

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    My favorite smell


    I love the smell of chocolate cake.It makes me feel all warm inside.You can never go wrong with anything chocolate in my eyes. The only thing thats better then the smell of chocolate cake is the taste of it:)…

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    My Favorite Color


    Summer Weather

    This is a picture taking from Pier 21,over looking brooklyn.My mother was visiting me in New York from Florida, for a whole month. And we decided to go out to eat in the city. Memories like this makes me love the Summer time.

    This is a picture of …

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    The King


    This picture represents of where i use to work.When i was 17 i use to work for the King of burgers..can you take a guess?…

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    My Prize Possession


    This assignment was the best, my prize possession is my Mother.Shes my rock my life and my biggest fan.Without her iam nothing.She makes me want to do better and make her proud.…

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    Butterfly Effect


    I seen this artwork and just had to share it.This is a prime example of how several college students feel when they have multiple assignments due ..:)…

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    The traveling pigeon


    On my way home from class, i couldnt rap my head around this brave pigeon.. just taking its time straggling by me in the train station.. low and steady wins the race.…

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    Story Telling: about a girl


    My life was busy I was a fulltime student and a full time employee, I was all alone in New York City. All i wanted was time to smell the roses, and take life as it came. Oneday my mother told me I was expecting a gift from her.And that …

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