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These are my daily creats for the week, I find doing these daily creates fun and very entertaining. It is a way for me to think outside of the box and just create art without being judged. Because of this class i fell in love with photoart, it is a application on my android phone. Even on my down time, iam just editing pictures with photoart and even experimenting with Gifs of my own.These daily creates are fun and a way for me to express myself without being verbal at most times.

tunnel vision

This is a picture of my nephew, at he park,I love this picture it captures my nephew at play and how we really are so close but yet s far. My nephew lives in California with my sister and i live in New York and i miss him every day so this is how I see our relationship cloe but yet so far.My photo shop edit
My photo shop edit
This is a picture taken at work.And I just edit it so i look like Neon.It kind of reminds me of the motocycle lines that where coming out of the motocycle exhaust in Tron Lol,but i keep my eyes normal to make it seem that iam normal inside.I found this assignment a lot of fun and different.

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