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Over-Dramatic Reading

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For this video I had to first think of a good idea. I first considered using Harry Potter or possibly the Matrix. However, after sifting through youtube videos I realized the old anime  dragonball z offered some very memorable speeches. The most memorable of which is Goku’s speech to Frieza right after he turned super saiyan the first time. I then watched a youtube clip of his speech. While watching I copied down the conversation between Frieza and Goku. I then recorded my version of the conversation via soundcloud.


DBZ has got to be one of the most cheesiest animes/shows I have ever seen. People literally spend 10 mins powering up and sometimes it this tension is built up over several episodes. I wanted to capture and expand on some of the ridiculous things that go on the show. In particular he kinda sounds like he is from the bible when he says I am truth. A bit much I believe.


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