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This American Life

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I listened to the episode of This American Life “Held Hostage.” I enjoyed this radio production. Yes the content was captivating, but I began noting the production itself. It felt as though I was just closing my eyes while watching tv. The background noises were appropriate and life-like. I became very sensitive to intonation and the importance of enunciation– it really can change the deliverance of the production. I was quite surprised at how important these issues became.


While I’m sitting here blogging and reflecting, I’m watching the Oscars. Jean Dujardin just won Best Male Actor for The Artist. All of this discussion of radio and of the importance of sound–I see it right now as I’m watching the Oscars. The Artist is a silent movie and after seeing a couple clips, they delivered a magnificent movie primarily from music, sound effects, and facial expressions. This guy (Dujardin) just won a freaking Oscar for saying fewer than two words–how incredible is that!

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