“Dynamite Group Radio Interview” By: Alasia,Kevin,Janelle,Adewole&Daniel Topic:”Relationships, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”

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I must say that this was one of the best group projects I done in all of my life! One reason is because EVERYONE did their part and did it on time, and in the past group projects everyone i worked with was either lazy, didn;t try to make the time or effort to do the work, ir simply just didn’t care, and I think that the most important thing in a group project is commitment and team work. So I was so happy that i chose the right group who was committed in getting a god grade on this just like me:) !! As for the process and steps for doing this radio interview it was very fun, and i loved it, I liked how creative my group and i were. As for the role I played in my group I was the one who thought of the group name and the topic, and i asked everyone else for their opinion on it and they agreed. Then I gave the group sun-topics that we should talk about in the group, and then I asked the members to choose which one they would feel most comfortable talking about. As soon as everyone picked their part we all met up in school to record our parts on my Iphone4s using my voice-memo app. I talked about trust and Attachment vs. Love in a relationship, and then gave in some personal experiences of that on my own. As a group we all wanted to include or personal experiences on relationship so that our audience could be more interested and engage in the interview. I also was in charge of uploading the interview to my SoundCloud account and I also was in charge of making the greeting for the interview, as well as the ending for interview. I made up a fake hot-line number for the audience to call just how they do it real-life radio shows! I had so much fun and I think as a group we all did Amazing!

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