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As discussed previously in a post earlier this week, Oldboy is a commanding film worthy of attention.  While the plot (which I still wish to leave out so as not to get caught up issues of ethics and morality)  is bizarre, I found the scene I review below compelling.

It harkens, in some ways, back to the age old film To Kill a Mockingbird in the scene where Atticus Finch gives a five minute long monologue all in one take.  The whole movie gained so much power in that instance, the audience finding themselves enthralled without even knowing it.

In the scene in Oldboy, I remember being stunned.  I couldn’t look away, and afterwards I had to go back to that scene, to know more about it.

To do the review, I wrote a short script and then I recorded in Audacity.  I amplified the tracks with the amplify tool, and the removed all the white noise with the noise removal tool.

For the video, I attemped to use MPEG streamclip but to no avail.  I looked online and saw that you are supposed to convert the link not open it after clicking the tool Open URL.  Yet every time I imported the video, I would get the same 1:20 minutes of the scene and nothing else, even if I was looking at different videos.  It didn’t make any sense.

So I turned to ds106 tricks and used the pwn youtube bookmark technique, which, while sketchy seeming, gave me a full copy easy enough.  I then imported into Imovie, added a title screen, detached the audio then erased and it overlaid my own audio.  I left the audio on in the final scene as a way to hone why the fight scene was so important.


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