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This was a bit confusing at first. I was not sure if I wanted to keep the audio or not but I decided it would be more effective to take the audio out of the video. I thought by removing the audio from the actual video would force my audience to pay attention to the elements I was analyzing. After I decided to make the remove the audio from the video and I then proceeding to download youtube videos of important scenes from youtube. I used keepvid to download the videos. Afterwards I edited the scenes through MPEG streamclip and removed the audio from the videos. I then recorded my voice and comments through audacity while watching the clips. My last step was to put the videos onto windows live movie maker as well as the putting the extracted audio recording from audacity.


I am not too familiar with critiquing film and art for that matter. Moreover, I am terrible at paying attention to the details of the surrounding to indicate a message or mood of a scene. Considering my deficiencies I wanted to find scenes that connected to a broad theme within       the Dark Knight. What I found was the connection between film angles and editing with the Joker’s influence on the world. As I stated in my video: if the camera starts going crazy it is connected to something the Joker is doing or saying that is causing chaos in the world. Hopefully my brief commentary gave a convincing argument for my hypothesis. =0

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