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femme fatale  So i got this assignment from One Archetype I did this assignment in class with final cut. First i needed to find some video on you tube of women that was pure sexual or sexually appealing. I then uploaded it to the desk top and then into final cut. Then i click then one by one and  when they started playing i press “i for input because that was where i wanted the piece of the video that i was going to use to start”. i then watch where i wanted it to end and then i pressed “O for output because that was where i decided my video would end. i then pause the video and drag it down , i did this for every video and then ,i press “command r” to render it. i then uploaded it to Flickr and then i blog it. this was my first time using final cut and this work pissed me off so much but thank God its done and i got help from the people in the lab. video i used were Nikita trailer, Gabrielle union,Angelina,Halle and some video with Buffy in it that i cannot seem to find at this moment.

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