News on the March: Batman- Wanted

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Hi there! Just had a super fantastic weekend with my parents! They came in to Fred for my junior ring ceremony and then stuck around an extra day to hang out with me. We went to DC in Saturday which was excellent because it was the kite festival on the mall and there were a kajillion pretty kites flying all around. We went to a few museums including the Native American, The Air and Space, The Botanic Garden, and the Hirshhorn Art Museum (which I had never been to before and really enjoyed; I even found a new fave artists- Ali Kazma!) But now they’re gone and I have to get back to reality. Boo!

So here’s my latest video assignment. I started working on it a few days ago, and just put the finishing touches on it today. This one’s called “News on the March” and the prompt says to make a 1940s style newsreel about whatever. I chose to take this silly “news” clip from a show on MSNBC and make it seem more serious than it was.

This is the original clip:

And this is what I created:

The processĀ consistedĀ of using Movie Maker to chop up the clip, cutting out the parts that made Batman sound like a good person. Then I made the wanted poster in Aviary using an old wanted poster and adding in Batman’s mugshot. I found and old MSNBC news reel form the 40s and used the intro and outro in my own piece. Finally, I added in some oldtimie filters and the sound of an old newsreel as background noise. Done!

This is a four-star assignment, bringing my up to 23 stars.

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