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Worst movie for me !

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I got this assignment form ¬†Plinkett Review So the worst movie for me was “Killers” with Ashton Kutcher I¬†am so accustom to seeing him That 70′s show that ever other role he play i cannot take him seriously. A spy seriously ? Like give someone trying to make it in Hollywood a chance. what some director was bored and just decided to make a movie just for fun. what happen to spy’s fighting really bad guys and getting all beat up and shot and¬†maybe¬†even a broken ¬†bone why did none of this really happen and then his wife finds out and she is just oh i am mad at you but just for a bit honey. By the way let me wave a loaded gun. Oh and that man is trying to kill you let me tell you that you are hurting him . Like wow okay go and argue over what pregnancy to get in the Pharmacy. And to make it worst have Usher face be seen just for the sake of making people want to see a movie that isn’t good put Usher face in there.  by akeela2012¬†  by akeela2012

What was the point with these two it just look so silly . I Watch it on¬†Netflix¬†and automatically hate it this is a movie i would never watch again.Certain people should just not have certain roles in movies unless it has a specific theme they are trying to covey to the reader. All i saw him as was¬†Kelsey¬†from That 70′s show. just go and watch the trailer on¬†you tube¬†its a movie to watch when you are very bored and want some thing to make you close your eyes and go to see. Aka: “the tv is watching me ” remember that old statement . I just watch this on my¬†iPod¬†and while it was playing i just click picture of it…. people¬†iPhone¬†and¬†iPod¬†you know how to do this . I then uploaded it to my¬†Flickr¬†account and then my blog.

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