Everything is Broken

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At last, enthused reader, there are times when the world corners you.  There are times, just when life seems to drift so easily like the clouds, you hit a mountain and are pulled uncontrollably into the atmosphere and forced, fated cloud, to empty your soul onto the earth below.

Alas, life does not end there.  Tossed aside, your skin cleaved aside and your innards pulled out like the peeling of a banana, you must go on.  There is a world ahead of you.  Isn’t there?  Why, then, dear Milo, do I hear the call of the mocking bird?  Where doth the wind blow?

Come close then, enthused reader, and listen to this tale, sad as it may be, of Otis and his journey into the great unknown….

How did I spin this tale?

1. I pulled the Milo and Otis trailer off youtube using Pwn youtube, some other clips from the movie, and the Final Fantasy 9 Track “Rose of May”.  Unfortunately a majority of the film was blocked on copyright violations.

2. I then started to chop them up in MPEG streamclip.

3.  I scratched this and brought all the clips in Final Cut Pro.

4.  Quite easily, final cut pro let’s you detach audio split up clips, etc, etc, etc. with lightning ease.  While IMovie is great, I found Final Cut Pro to be much smoother and seamless.

5.  I then took an image of Milo and Otis off google, brought that into Illustrator, and editing it to make Milo appear a little deathly so as to serve as my Movie Poster.

While this may be more in the realm of remix then Mashup, I still held to the original idea of taking a movie trailer and changing the meaning using different audio and playing on the effect of the beginning of the trailer.


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