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I can see the light.  The journey is almost over, but there are still a few more steps to take.

But we will make it.  Sure we will.  I know it.  Take my hold.  Only a little bit further.

This is a day of my life.  Filmed on March 26, 2012.  So long ago it feels.  I took a slightly different route then suggested in the assignment, because I wanted my viewers to have an unedited lens into my life.  I didn’t want to get caught up with music and narration etc.  Raw, real raw.

The largest challenge was filming.  I would’ve been greatly aided if I had a camera man or even some way to set up my phone.  This proved challenging because I mostly had to stop what I was doing and film, rather than show the action.  Furthermore, I also was terribly distressed trying to remember to film, finding myself having done some glorious feat only to realize I didn’t capture the moment.

Another frustration was Splice.  After today, I am putting Splice to rest.  The biggest issue is the fact that the audio never plays in the application so I have no idea what any of my scenes sound like.  Secondly, sometimes weird things happen and the footage doesn’t export right.  The first time I exported a lot of my footage was cut out and so I tried to replace it.  For some reason the footage still didn’t come through again, and nothing makes sense.  Oh well, the majority of my day is still here.

Yet, amidst these troubles, the process was enjoyable.  The era of phones with so much power opens up a lot of possibilities.  Anyone can film and put out decent edits quite fast with free apps.  Film and editing is finally making its way into everyone’s hands, allowing anyone to turn capture the world in myriad possibilities.

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