Remix Assignment 701

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Hey crew! For this this Remix Assignment 701 , which I terribly spent way too long on, I turned up the cheese!  Haha

No really the assignment is named turned up the cheese.  i adobe illustratored it.  tada!

and then i heard the creek of the floorboard behind me and I knew my mistake.  I knew, as the plank with a rusty nail driven through traveled swiftly towards my head, that I was careless.  I slipped up.  Dropped the baby.  And now I was going to kick the bucket before I even had the chance to make my amends, to tell father I was sorry for walking out, sorry for having been a bad daughter and not seeing the sacrifices he made every day.

The nail plunged deep into the soft, lumpy flesh and the board shattered on contact, flinging scintillas of sharp shards outwards.  Clearly, memories must be made, not eaten.

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