Watching Movies With the Stereo On [remixed]: Subtle Switcheroo

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6 Star Assignment

Original Video

embedding was disabled for some reason =-0

New video


Downloaded the video from youtube using keepvid. Deleted portions of the audio with mpeg streamclip and then I put in my own using windows movie maker. After which I uploaded the project using windows movie maker. I wish there was an easier way to save the video and upload the video -_-.


My first remix assignment! The idea of remixing assignments is a great way to encourage community growth!! The only thing is I wish this was done earlier since we are almost done with the semester. I have been commenting more basically because I was forced to see all these awesome blogs in order to remix assignments.

On another note I chose a particular video assignment because it featured a zombie video. I love zombies and I especially liked the several videos used in order to make an action montage of people killing zombies. I can’t really tell people what I was going for in this assignment since the remix card made it seem like our remix was supposed to be a very subtle change. Hopefully my change was subtle enough and not too obvious.


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