New Assignment: Jingle Jam

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This assignment stemmed from the DS106 radio show project.  When we had to make commercials I decided to make a jingle instead for my favorite cafe.  Here is the assignment: Create a short jingle using at least two instruments (recorded or software).  It can be for a fictional or real product or place.

Here is the jingle I made for Blackstone coffee. I used Garageband to record a guitar part and vocal line.  You should be able to add an audio track and hit record. I recommend recording the parts separately while wearing headphones so that the audio is better quality.  You can also create a tune using software instruments or sounds produced by instruments created for whatever program you are using. When you are finished, just export the song.

Blackstone Coffee, more like crack-stone.
Fresh espresso havin’ your heart beat like a drum.
Don’t forget their divine desserts.
Gotta get down to Blackstone.

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