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    I can’t believe it’s over…GOOD THING I’M KEEPING MY WEBSITE! Yep, I will definitely be hangin with the hippie hostin.

    Importing and exporting my blog was simple, but now I have to transfer my site to Hippie Hosting.  I’ll do that after I have posted my final post…for now. My …

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    Final Projecto: The Ocean


    Well, here it is. My still frame music video that goes with this song I made. It’s not so still though.  I added video because, well, i didn’t have enough pictures. Still frame videography is hard!! Mainly because you have to put so many pictures in the right order and …

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    Tutorial 4: Wait, where’d that guy come from?


    Here is a wonderous tutorial using Photoshop showing how to successfully put a person from one picture into another. I used a free download of jing to screen capture with audio, but went over the five minute limit so there are 2 videos.
    Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is …

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    Tutorial 3: Interview/Music Mashup


    This assignment is just so awesome.  I hope you have Garageband because that is all you need to complete this task.  The example on the assignment page is really neat because it’s like a pseudo radio show, but with responses that you recognize.  The first and probably hardest thing to …

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    New Assignment: I Know People


    This design assignment is like a mixture of Celeb Mashup! and Wait, Where’d that guy come from? because you have to add a celebrity to an existing photo of you or your friends to make it look like the celeb was actually with you.  A party scene is great but …

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    Remix Cha-ching


    Everything is a remix. That’s why you always hear people saying nothing is original anymore.  The first video represented remixing in the music world and exemplified it through rock band stealing folk music.  Well, folks, this is not the first time this has happened.  Many composers have taken tunes from …

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    New Assignment: Jingle Jam


    This assignment stemmed from the DS106 radio show project.  When we had to make commercials I decided to make a jingle instead for my favorite cafe.  Here is the assignment: Create a short jingle using at least two instruments (recorded or software).  It can be for a fictional or real …

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    Week 13 Daily Creates


    tdc 103 – word picture -I felt like I was walking around in a construction zone the whole day…There is construction going on at my main building, Pollard. I couldn’t get away from it; I could hear them drilling while I was inside.

    tdc 105 – 7 word story – …

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    Yes, The PROJECT is coming along nicely.  I’ll probably call it “the ocean” when everything is finished, but as for now it will be titleless. I have just about finished the song for my music video and I am moving on to the video part.  The brainstorming stage is almost …

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    Week 11 Daily Creates


    tdc – 88 – geometric shapes. This is a paper snowflake-like decoration hanging in my friend’s apartment.

    tdc – 89 – a pic through something else. Check out this beautiful princess cake. It was as tasty as it looks!

    tdc92 – perspective – here’s a picture that is sketched with …

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    Video Assignment: Make A Turorial For Your Mom


    Well, this tutorial is actually for my grandma because she has been meaning to order a photo book off shutterfly and it just hasn’t worked out. I used jing, but while I was recording I forgot that you only have 5 minutes so I decided to just make it as …

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    Video Assignment: Swede A Scene


    For this awesome video assignment I chose to swede parts of The Hunger Games. I figured it would be good to do since I had kid cousins visiting. First, I decided what scenes we could actually do with who was available.  I had to change the cornucopia line from Hamage …

  13. melodie

    Week 10 Daily Creates


    tdc81 – beautiful mess – too much of a good thing isn’t always…a good thing.

    tdc82 – ambient noise – it’s the metro. Did you guess it?

    tdc83 – sketch – I like drawing…this is not my best work…but I would like to be here:

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    Video Assignment: Video Essay


    I chose Ever After for my video essay.  I really like this movie and this assignment helped me notice many technical developments within the filming. Roger Ebert’s essay on reading movies made sense to me and I like how the different positions that the characters take can determine the negative …

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    Video Assignment: Redub the Audio


    I picked a well known scene from the Matrix for this redub assignmnet. It is about the worst redub ever. Here is the gay date version of the red pill/blue pill scene.  If that’s not twisting the plot then I don’t know what is.  I wrote a mini script …

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    Video Week 2 Daily Creates


    tdc73 – emphasize yellow – I just love how these dandelions are poking through the gravel. It’s probably the opposite for gardeners though.

    tdc75 – quote – So my German might be a little off, but I really like this quote because it says a lot with a simple metaphor. …

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    Assignment Prep: Return to the Silent Era


    I would change the trailer for 21 by Robert Luketic.

    It would be b&w and have floating text/cards. The music would be a mellow jazz tune.

    At the beginning text would appear as “How much?” and then a card with the equation would be shown before and after Jim Sturgess …

  18. melodie

    Assignment Prep: Opening Credits Redux


    I would redo the opening credits The Waterboy starring Adam Sandler.  Instead of strating out on the field, I would show closeups of the equipment that Sandler wears at his job.  I think it would be funny to see him pridefully setting up his gear and putting it on and …

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    Video Week 1 Daily Creates


    tdc 66 – ds106 amazingness – So this video was easy to make since I absolutely love this class. It’s has really given me confidence to put the things that I create in the outside world.

    tdc 68 – toes – These aren’t actually my feet, haha, but I do …

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    Happily Ever After


    Ok, so I know the 1998 production of Ever After: A Cinderella Story, directed by Andy Tennant, is kind of a cheese movie, but I love it and I think it is pretty “compelling”.

    Evident in filming is the use of the golden ratio, rule of thirds, and positive and …

  21. melodie

    SAK Radio



    Wow, this radio show was harder to make than I thought it would be.  There were so many details to consider when working with other people on audio.  I wanted to add a lot of effects, but just laying down the vocal track was time consuming. I had so …

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    NEW Assignment: Is that a… GHOST?!


    There are two ways to do this assignment. The goal is to make someone look like they are a menacing ghost.  You can either take a photo with a long exposure or copy and paste a selection of another photo and make it a transparent layer on top of another …

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    NEW Assignment: A Whole New World


    I just created my first assignment. It goes like this….

    Take a picture of your subject (grandparents, pet, yourself) and put it into a totally different background in which they appear abnormally too small or too large. Think of Honey, we shrunk the kids.

    I took a nice picture of …

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