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After watching Jim Groom’s video on Digital Archives I must say that I actually learned a lot from his lecture, and i began to have plenty of questions arise in my head. It was funny because everything he mentioned about Digital Archives was the truth! Especially the part where he mentioned how he bets none of us are saving our works on hard drives as backups on either a usb, or disk. When he said that statement I could relate to it as well as the other students did because I really don’t save any of my work on a backup disk, or usb. However, he did say that word press was another backup option, and that is where all of my work is saved. But then he said how many of us plan on keeping up with word press and actually advertising our work after this semester.Once he said that very few students raised their hands, and I think that is where all of us are messing up at. We tend to get lazy and slack on our work ethics instead of keeping up with them daily, not just for one simple semester. So, one thing I think I am going to try my best to do is to continue broadcasting and advertising my blog not only for class, but over the summer and for other class just in case as well.

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