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The third assignment I made is called “Create Your Own Smartphone App.” Ignoring the typo in the description (whoops!) the assignment entail coming up with your dream smartphone app and illustrating what it would do.

Funny enough, Bud Light already came out with a commercial of my dream app. Check it out:

Click here to view the embedded video.

That would best app EVER! But besides an app that would dispense endless amounts of beer, I would want to see one that could locate your keys and remote whenever you lose it. You would hold phone up in the room and the screen would look something like this:

That would be so simple and convenient. To make this, I pulled a picture of an iphone and a living room from google images. I then used paint to replace the screen with the living room and then inserted that arrow.

My other Idea for an iPhone app would be one that could measure how cold it is outside, and once it drops below a certain temperature the phone would start emitting heat. This would be awesome if you lived somewhere cold and your phone could just act as a hand warmer in your pocket.

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