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Jim Groom’s video was very insightful , i like when he said “the web is going to mediate you future education and even influence the job you may get in the future”. This is true because if you go for a job they may choose to Google you. And if you are going for a job in a specific area such a web design it may also help if who ever is interviewing you can go and see what past work you have done. He also mentioned the web is no longer a place we go to connect with people but it is also an archive of who you are as a person, over time, i could not have said it better. For example if you think about DS106 and all the work we had to complete every week our idea change we develop a new form of creativity.Then we blog and later on down the years we may go back and say hey that’s me ten years ago, or we can maybe even give it to our kid and then have them pass it on and 40 years from now a string of family history that is pretty cool.

When i archive it just involves me posting something on Facebook or up loading a picture. The most archiving i have even done is in DS106 with all the work we had to do. Archiving to me is not very important at this point but later on down the years it may become. I just don’t have the time to be up on the web 24/7 doing stuff that is not school related at this point , so unless it is for school i really do not feel like investing the time making videos and blogs and post. I have a Facebook and i go on it about 3x a month, if so much and that’s when i remember i have it. I will not maintain my blog because that cost money to keep it running and i do not have the money at this point and i will not be on it for any specific purpose it will just sit there and take up space and eat away at my little bank account . It was a learning experience while it lasted but it has got to go . I created a YouTube account for this class along with a Flickr and a twitter .Within  the semester i tweeted about 4x and that was the first week and it was for help and just so i could know what the daily creates were, so that is going and i will keep YouTube so i can watch movies when i feel like and Flickr can stay even though i wont be using it. This class was an experience i will never forget !

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