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these are my final project posts. so I really have enjoyed the final production of most of my work in this class but my final project was really disappointing. I had a really big idea about a series of lectures on chemistry but it really wasn’t a feasible goal in the end. PHotoredox after researching on it for weeks and presenting it for another class was too involved and too large to really tackle in a doodle sketch and when I realized this I kinda lost some wind in my sail. Also the medium I used was extremely difficult for me to manipulate, and the math behind redox equations is very demanding in the sense of what i needed to be able to show and do with my presentation so i knew I cuouldnt finish how i started. And then Finals started and I was consumed by the beast that is Physical Chemistry. After that I decided that Redox was too ambitious a topic and that I would stop at normal stoichiometry and balancing mundane chemical reactions.
after that depressing first paragraph here are my doodle lectures in a two lecture series, I apologize for how unattractive they are. I soon found that I was really bad at this.
Which brings me to why I found this last project to be so disappointing. I did a lot of work preparing this idea, but I didn’t think any aspect of it turned out well. the only reward for this I have is all the prep work i put in helped be appreciate ppl who can to this well

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