1. Daniel Dobbins

    Final Project Post


    these are my final project posts. so I really have enjoyed the final production of most of my work in this class but my final project was really disappointing. I had a really big idea about a series of lectures on chemistry but it really wasn’t a feasible goal in …

  2. Daniel Dobbins

    update on final project


    Ive been gathering all the materials i need for my final project over the last couple days. I was inspired by the lady that did the how ds106 changed my life video which was really well done. I messaged her asking for some advice. I found a program that i …

  3. Daniel Dobbins

    doppelganger/dr. seuss, remix assignment 3


    this was an assignment combination that the remix generator gave me, but there were only a few assignments to choose from and none of them were very appropriate for this.  also there is always a danger with remix assignments that you could offend the person who created the original work.  …

  4. Daniel Dobbins

    Whole new world/turn up the cheese remix assignments 1.


    the original work is from the whole new world assignment which can be found by following the url below.


    this is a remix i got from the remix generator.  original assignment was to place a subject in an imaginary or out of context world, ppl will most likely never …

  5. Daniel Dobbins

    Everything is a remix


    kirby ferguson creates a four part series on how we view remixes.  These videos explored what it means to have originality, what it means to have a patent on an idea or form of art.  memes, larger idea circulating around building up to evolve into a distiguishable entity are what …

  6. Daniel Dobbins

    MOViEs that Move Me



    heres the link to my video assignment 442, where you show 3-5 movie scenes and talk about how they changed your life or left an impression on you.  Youtube wouldn’t let me get the embed link form so this url is the next best thing.  I used iMovie to …

  7. Daniel Dobbins

    The Dark Knight Essay


    this is my video essay on the dark knight.  I think this may be the only movie I’ve seen in theaters more then once.  The editing for this project was pretty challenging because I wrote out the script in advance so timing the clips to the audio of the essay …

  8. Daniel Dobbins

    fictional heroes archetype (LOUD AUDIO)


    video assignment : 5 seconds. 5 characters, 1 archetype

    my archetype is heroes that don’t exist.

    once again I’m working with anime, which means i spent 900 times as long on this assignment, and made everything as personal and perfect as possible.  these are some of my favorite characters.  its …

  9. Daniel Dobbins

    Product Review


    this assignments was interesting because i felt like a salesman for verizon when i was doing it but i really am very pleased with my droid so i didnt mind that much advertising for them.  i recorded in photo booth in mac.  enjoy

    and seriously tho ….the droid does..


  10. Daniel Dobbins

    tutorial for mom


    this is a great assignment because i didn’t have to think about what i wanted to do in the slightest.  my mom has been asking me to show her this and then whenever i say yes she’s like oh i don’t have time or, i don’t wanna get my phone …

  11. Daniel Dobbins

    final project for ds106


    so for my final project I am proposing the idea of a series of doodle lectures or, possibly other video means, to convey the concept of photoredox, a chemical reaction in a manner that hopefully will allow almost anyone to understand…at least fairly well.  this will be done by introducing …

  12. Daniel Dobbins

    30 sec processes



    this is a video assignment that tasks the video recording of a 30 second process.

    there really aren’t that many cool things I could think of that are just 30 seconds and when reading the posts for this assignments i saw just about everyone said the same thing.  This …

  13. Daniel Dobbins

    Serenity Now!



    This is a video assignments where you take several nature clips and put them to peaceful music to create a pleasing background nature still life music video.  I chose to make mine a little more awesome then that and decided to make a chronicle of my kayak trip in …

  14. Daniel Dobbins

    Daily creates week 9?



    these are my daily creates for week….9….yes.  They are all explained and tagged at my flicker account so feel free to click on anyone you see that peaks your interest and Ive explained the thought processes and idea of each prompt.  enjoy!


  15. Daniel Dobbins

    return to silent era



    this is my return to silent era video assignment.  I really liked the idea of remaking the modern remake of this film even older then the original.  There is a large amount of work represented here even though every step seems to make things easier.  Things like removing the …

  16. Daniel Dobbins

    analyze this


    Take 1 on analyze this :

    for this assignment i chose braveheart. ya ya stop rolling the eyes, girls ill see you later, u can keep scrolling down the page.  but seriously this is like the best movie after thinking of it in terms of the qualities of a compelling …

  17. Daniel Dobbins

    last couple weeks


    at the beginning of break I was so excited.  not because I was going to go on a trip or get a chance to relax.  But because I was going to be able to get work done, lots of work that I wouldnt have to do when I got back.  …

  18. Daniel Dobbins

    Audio Assignment 112 ( ovr dram reading )


    this is an excerpt from Edgar Allan Poe’s The Pit and The Pendulum. A very dark tale about a convicted mans imprisonment. It seemed to me when I first read it to surpass normal terms of emotion but to deal with the human limits of emotion, not an easy thing …

  19. Daniel Dobbins

    Audio Assignment 36 (ds106 bumper)


    this is my Audio Assignment 36 where I create a bumper for ds106 radio , a bumper is suppose to be a short (average ~10 secs) musical advertisement for the station your listening to. This acts as a nice transition btwn radio programing and commercials /songs. I was surprised how …

  20. Daniel Dobbins

    Daily Creates week 7


    these are my daily creates for week 7, try and guess what tdc54 is of i’ve given hints on soundcloud.  its very common , a process, and involves food. enjoy!


  21. Daniel Dobbins

    Daily Create week 6


    this is a slide show of my daily creates for week 6 along with my audio sound cloud daily create link , I really liked this weeks daily creates , they all turned out very personal for me , enjoy.…

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