My reflection on the Jim Groom video

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For our assignment this week, we saw a video in which DS106 director Jim Groom talked about digital archiving and the 21st century. I thought it was an interesting video which really brought up some powerful points about where the internet and the future is headed. He made clear in the video that at least 75% percent of employers go to google to find out about you. He also pointed out that facebook is also used to look at your record. He emphasized and rightfully so, that you need to control your online identity. He also told a great story about archiving the growth of his child and I really liked it. I think I will consider doing that in the future when I have children. I also loved how he talked about how technology has blurred the line between reality and fantasy. He brought up the appearance of a holographic Tupac at Coachella as a key example of his point. He also talked about how wikipedia archives how it developed and I really loved the video example which he presented which proves how it developed. I also liked how he brought up the wayback machine, which is a website which you can use to look at websites the way they used to look. I really loved his presentation and he made so many good points. As for the ending of this semester, I will plan to keep my internet archives. I love flickr and I use it all the time to post my photos. I also will keep my Youtube and I will use it to post recordings of my interviews as well as other personal things. I am not certain if I will do anything with Soundcloud in the future. I am more of a visual than an audio guy. I think I may keep this blog and eventually turn this into a news and sports blog. I really enjoyed this class and it really has helped improve my online skills and gave me my own personal online space.

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