Final Reflection

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It’s been a interesting ride with this website even throughout the complications to having it all set up. To me, storytelling really means that any story can be told in how ever way a person would want to tell it. Either it be a picture, a video, a GIF, a letter, anything that a person would want to portray it. Usually, I say whatever I want to express by pictures or a post entry only because I like designing, playing around with the effects and such, as well as jotting my thoughts out to whoever feels interested in reading them. From this course, I think I gain more confidence in the web that I started out with, because I was always shy to share whatever I wanted to show people, or any of my personal creations. This course had my first time uploading a youtube video when I usually just use it for watching others on YouTube. As well as making my own video too and to let people see it and of course building a site from the start and customizing it to my own taste. For my daily creates, I know that I end up usually picking the ones that involves me being spontaneous and taking pictures with my phone. Also, it allows me to dig up old pictures I use to have and to put in use. (Guilty¬†of re-using).

To any future students about this CT101 class, I would say “What do you like? What do you want to say? Blog it up.” I think blogging is one of the interesting one to get to know a person virtually. It’s like reading a diary of someone’s because the entries or assignments that people post up on their site, it shows the passionate side of a person. So definitely take it, if you have the time. Take it if you want a site of your own and be expressive.

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