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  1. zoechen

    A day of my life.

    This “A day in my life” video caught my attention because it’s like squeezing my practically 16 hour day into 10 minutes, sort of like time forwarding. I think that in order for me to complete this video assignment, I would definitely need … Continue reading
  2. zoechen

    One Story / Four Icons

    This is one of all time favorite movies ever ! I really I didn't make it so easy for people to guess. Original assignment:
  3. zoechen

    Faire Les Choses, Ma Facon.

    Minimalize Your Philosophy(2 star) was my first design assignment that I chose because it seemed really simple at first and since I already did have a quote in mind, I always do have in the back of my head and follow it. (Wow, what a run-on sentence.) The picture was orignally taken from my blackberry ...
  4. zoechen

    Blast from the past.

    This inspiration came from by Martha, which I thought was really fun to do. The first thing I thought of was "Blast from the past" rather than "Return to the scene of the crime". Mainly because of this photo I've chose for this 3 star worth visual assignment. I decided to take a picture of my ...
  5. zoechen

    Switch up the mood

    For this 2 star worth visual assignment, I decided to use a picture of me and my boyfriend. I decided by switching up the mood, would be switching it between a recent photo and yet make it look it was an old photo taken years back. (At least, I hope i...
  6. zoechen

    What’s the Meme?

    For this 2 star visual assignment, this was taken at a community walk I think for my volunteer Job, Light & Love home. My friend Amy and Gary was along side by side. She was basically leaving her hand by her side so Gary could take it,  but at the same time she was walking ...
  7. zoechen

    I’m in YOUR world now, Sweet thing!

    I was digging up some photos from Spring Break last year because as soon as I saw the this visual assignment for my CT 101 class (Worth 1 star). I figured why not add something that is already a cartoon and combined it with a real-life experience. I took this picture of my friend Eric ...
  8. zoechen

    It ain’t the word itself.

    For my 10 star worth of visual assignments for my class, I knew this had to be one of them! I love the idea of inverting colors in a picture. For this 2 star assignment, I decided to pick the picture with my boyfriend. It was taken I believe this infamous L-O-V-E statue was located at ...
  9. zoechen

    Web 2.0

    After reading Tim O’Reilly’s “What is Web 2.0?”, I feel as though all these new terminology are all just about simplicity. By reading along and seeing the difference of what changed between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, it was all about dealing with technology and making it simple for everyone to use in the Internet. To be honest, on my opinion, ...

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