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Camp and Summer Goals

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A quick post… I’ve got a few goals for my summer at Camp that may take me slightly off the beaten path from the rest of the campers. I guess that’s one of the great things about being a DS106 graduate: I can set my own assignment schedule!

I want to focus on video and audio assignments, particularly the latter, because I’m quite weak in the audio department. My talents lie in the visual/design and the written world, and I think my blog reflects that; you don’t see much of those assignments.

Camping Pod by Sheep"R"Us

Camping Pod by Sheep"R"Us

CC Attribution_NonCommercial_NoDerivsClick here to see this image on Flickr.

Also, I plan to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo in June and August, and I would like to do more traditional artwork–painting, that is to say. I’ve discovered a real passion for painting this year, and my foray isn’t entirely separate from DS106. I really allowed myself to embrace the artist within me after the Summer of Oblivion. I felt myself come alive during that time like I had not felt in a while, and I finally accepted that creativity is an essential part of my life–not just writing, but all kinds of creativity.

Separate from DS106, I’d like to work in exercise and The Daily Create as part of my daily routine. I’ve successfully added into my schedule, so it’s time to take the next step.

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