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Starting May 21, 2012 the ds106 activity at the University of Mary Washington is a 10 week online course- and is taking place at Camp Magic Macguffin. This year, we have no weird bald guys in wigs; Martha Burtis and Alan Levine are your esteemed co-directors, and we have a cadre of experience ds106 alumni hired on as camp counselors.

Each week, Martha and Alan will provide an overview of whats to come- (see all of the announcements)- here is the intro welcome

Camp is wide open to all participants, we just need to know that you want to play- you can sign up to attend camp at

If you have not participated before in ds106, no worries, we have the As for your Qs as well as a bit more information on how to play as open participant.

On a detail side, is still the hub for everything, we are resyndicating content over to the camp site- if your posts are not showing up three, let us know and we will have the camp plumbers check the pipes.

Other new things we are exploring this summer are weekly campfires, some in Google Hangouts and some in our new camp space being built (by everyone) in Minecraft.

If you have not had the time or chance to be part of ds106, camp is the perfect place for you. Just let us know so we can make sure the kitchen makes up enough peanut butter sandwiches at lunch time.


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