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Daily Creates :

Check out this blog post. I did three picture daily creates this week. As much as i love talking I love the beauty and mystery behind still picture. The viewer creates their own perspective.

This week we learned a little about copy right and how you can license your own work. Check out my post on that :

I used Gimp and MPEG Streamclip to make my gift this week : This is probably what I am most proud of for the week. And of course it has to do with surfing so even more reason to be proud! hehe

Check it out. I talk a little more about the process and the clip itself on that blog!

A website reminds me a lot of a room. It is a space, created by someone else, but expresses the personality of the resident. I customized my website to reflect me. I love the imagery of light. I don’t know if that sentence makes too much sense to anyone else, but light is joy to me. background is a picture I took of the plants being kissed with the light of the sun on evening as I walked a path by the sound of Va beach. I kept the theme the same. I love the simpleness for now. And also like having the picture that describes my dreams. Traveling in a VW bus for surf break to surf break.

This was a more challenging week. However, It was also more rewarding. I spent hours trying to figure out the GIF, but it is my favorite creation thus far. I learned how to do hyperlinks this week. Pretty proud about that even though it’s a simple things. But that’s cool, you know, finding joy in the small things. haha


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