The Last Week of Bootcamp! Thank God!

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So today I officially just finished my last week of Bootcamp and I cannot express enough about how happy I am to be done with it!

For the most part the first few assignment that we were assigned to do this week were easy. I say that due to the fact that I had already done most of them. When I originally made my blog on WordPress one of the first things I did was costumize my blog. Personally, I hate plain boring web pages so I decided to spice mine up, since I was going to be on it a lot. I definitely feel that my blog represents me and I’m exicted to watch it grow as this course goes on during the semester!

Another one of our assignments this week was to install some plugins for our blog. The only one that gave me a bit of trouble was the Jetpack plugin. This was mainly due to the fact that I could not remember my username for my WordPress account to save my life. So I basically, had to reset my password and stuff and then I was able to connect it to my blog. When it came to changing my theme and picking widgets to showcase on my sidebar that was all easy. = ) And last but not least the DailyCreates that I did this week were fun and reminded me of being a kid again. Here are the picture of them!

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We were assigned to two major projects this week one was creating a animated gif. The second was researching the Creative Commons (CC) movement and learning how it relates to our notion of copyright and intellectual property. The only assignment that was a bit hard was the animated gif but other then that once I found a website explaining it, it became a lot easier. Can you guess which movie I am trying to imiate here?? Here is the link to my Blog Post about CC:

And here is my animated gif:

One of the things I had trouble with last week was embedding my tweets from Twitter into my Blog. I finally figured out how do it and what I did wrong last time. So as far as that goes I am extremely happy becuase I’m not going to lie I was so frustrated about this! Here is tweet that I orignally tried to embed last time:

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