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So DS106, Digital story telling, and just story telling in general; Check out my post about my thoughts on these subjects.

Kurt Vonnegut’s “Shape of Stories” makes a lot of sense. It’s a pretty comical way to look at stories. I modeled one of the strangest (In a good way) movies i’ve probably ever seen: Where the Wild Things Are after it.

Daily Creates is one of my favorite parts to Our digital story telling class. So it’s definitely working for me! haha

I told the hot story of my week through 5 frames. Car issues are never fun. But go ahead and laugh.

This week I got more familiar with the Ds106 community. Going back to old work, I caught a glimpse of assignments we may have to do and how others went about them. Once my google reader was set up, finding other blogs was quite easy. I read other’s post, saw their pictures, sites, and stories. Then, I commented and asked questions on the sites of many ds106ers and a view blogs not for ds106.

However, get other people to post on my blog has not proven to be easy. I linked new post in twitter several times.!/search/%23ds106%20from%3Agracek0

Hopefully by the end of the week i can get 5 comments on my daily create post! Letzz go!!!!

Week three. Ahh, definitely feeling more comfortable. Enjoying daily creates and making the space my own. It was pretty funny that we had to do a picture story this week because my car battery died. So i got to tell whats going on in my life. The hardest part this week has been getting others to comment on stuff. But I just got some pretty great and deep responses so I’m excited about that! Commenting on the blog posts of others, this week, I found out a few people I know taking the course.

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