All about Audio and Sounds…Weekly Summary Four

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Here are all my of Daily Creates for this week:

Daily Create Week 4

Here is my post on Audio Storytelling:

Audio Storytelling

Here is my post on listening to DS106 Radio:

Radio Listening

Here is my Bumper:


Here is my post on listening to stories:

Listening to Stories

Here is the link to the story I listented too!

The only thing I had a bit of a problem with this week was initally trying to listen to the DS106 Radio. None of the links would work in Internet Explorer so I had to end up using Google Chrome. But after that everything else was a breeze. Also I don’t know if this was just me, but I did felt I was having ADHD when it came to reading all the material on the different effects and techniques that we were supposed to be looking out for when we choose the shows to listen too. I love all the opitions, but I wish we didn’t have that many. It makes everything a bit overwhelming to be quite honest. So besides that whole issue e verything else went fine…Except when the website stopped working!! I honestly don’t know what happened but I do know it whatever it was up stopped at 11:30pm! Ugh the stress that caused! I think I will start getting more of my stuff together for the Weekly Summaries ahead of time. Even though I try not to wait till the last minute to do everything I feel that if I do the bigger projects that we are given during the beginning of the week I will not feel as rushed as I normally do. I will try to put that in effect for next week and see how it goes. Week Four up and out!

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