Design, Design, and Once More…Design!

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This week we were required to do 15 stars worth of Design Assignments.

Here is my first assignment (worth 2 stars and the requirement this week) Ds106 Radio:

For this Assignment I simply used the Program Paint and Microsoft Word. I just copied and pasted different images that I got off the internet and from word, compiled them all together. And Viola! Here it is!

Here is my next assignment (worth 2 stars) Cartoon You:

I used the web page PicMonkey to edit my photo. I decided to use the edit Posterize to give my picture a kind of old cartoon magazine feel.

Here is my other assignment (worth 2 stars) The Horror Of MOOCs:

For this assignment I used the web page PicMonkey and I took a image of a old horror movie poster I found online and I applied different photo effects to it. The main effects that I used were the Day of the Dead and the Zombie effects.

Here is my next assignment (worth 1 star) Make A Normal Photo Of A Friend Imagery Of Horror:

For this assignment I used a Web Page called PicMonkey where you basically can upload any photo and put crazy effects on it. For this photo of my friend Ashley I choose to use the different Halloween-Zombie effects.

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