ChipMonk Funk

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One audio assignment this week was to make a popular song sound like it is being sung by chipmunks.  As i went through my itunes I contemplated what songs would sound funniest as a chipmunk. First, I chose a song from Mumford and Sun’s newest album, Babel. But, I decided there was too much instrumentals for a chipmunk song. Or maybe it’s just too soon to disrespect any of those songs. haha :) …So i chose Jack Johnson! First, I downloaded the song to audacity. Then, I used the app to change the tune. I tested a couple of options for chipmunk sounds. At first, I tried to speed up the song. This definitely made a squeaky song, but, you couldn’t understand the words. So,  I made the pitch higher. I then exported the file and uploaded it to sound cloud. WaaahhLAHhh


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