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When i saw this week that I had to change the coding on another website I was like “WHAT!?”. Haha i figured it would be so difficult. So, I decided to use Hackasaurus. I used it to download the “X-Ray googles” into my toolbar. Changing webpages was so easy! Literally at the click of the button I could recreate whatever I wished. So i decided to use my favorite childhood movie as the base for my project. The Little Mermaid is no longer the story you remember. I used my love for the environment and surfing to create a totally new story. Ariel got her tale from surfing in a polluted surf spot. And the tale goes on as she searches to find that surfer boy to break the spell. Of course I had to bring in one of my favorite environmentalist. Kyle theirmann is an amazing surfer and environmentalist. He has created an organization called “Surfing For Change” it’s sick. And now, he’s made a movie about little mermaid searching for John John Florence. :) too fun! I enjoyed this project

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