Breaking Social Boundaries

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A couple, probably in their upper 60s, walks in to a coffee shop. Many seats are taken. Politely, they ask to sit at a large table where another older couple is already seated.

I believe my first instinct in such a situation would be to awkwardly keep to ourselves. We live in a world of social boundaries. They are doing their own thing and we are doing ours. But, as I watched, the couple who asked to sit invited themselves into the lives of the two already seated. As they stepped through a gate in the social walls, the whole fence began to crumble. They talked for at least an hour and by the end exchanged information.

What if you treated the whole world as a friend. How many people are dyeing to simply be heard? To have someone ask how they are.

I believe love is a forest fire.

I pray my future husband and I may love people without boundaries. That we may break social walls down to truly care for strangers. And to make strangers friends.

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