What could that Strange Sound be? Opposites Attract with Bhangara and Reggae Music

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For this Mashup Assignment I was asked to take two songs from separate genres and create a new song using audio editing software.

So I decided to use a song from the music genres reggae and classical. I decided to use Bhangra music because I love that music genre. The music is so upbeat and it is completely different from classical music. I used to be on the Eagle Bhangra Dane Team here at the school and this is one of the songs we used at our tryouts. I decided that this would be really easy to combine with reggae music because it is also very upbeat and is great dancing music.

I picked these two songs out of each music genre from my Itunes library. I then used the program Audacity to edit each song so they would sound like one. I then tried to uploaded my sound to SoundCloud account. But, I kept getting an error message because of a copy right issue. So instead I made a video using Windows Movie maker and uploaded it that way. I decided to combine Balle Balle Hogaye Mitro by DJ Sanj with I’m Okay/Drinking Rum & Redbull by Beenie Man ft. Fambo. I took out the chorus and the ending in Balle Balle Hogaye and replaced it with the one in Beenie Man’s song.

Previous Example:

I thought that this person did an amazing job with their Remix of these two songs. Not only did the use each song evenly but their transitions were great! The only thing I wish that I could recommend to make for this was possibly trying to use two songs that didn’t go so well together, just to give the project an extra push.

Here is the song that I came up with:

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