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Assignments, Tutorials, and Daily Create

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It took me a while to figure out what ideas I could contribute to this course since there has been so many different and excellent ideas that have been presented already.  I was surprised that after I submitted my work that I was able to be posted on the ds106 Assignment page along with all the other great ideas.  For this assignment I had to not only think of assignment ideas but also demonstrate that i can do them also. We were also given the task of contributing ideas to the daily create page and that I would have to say was the best part because all semester long I enjoyed doing the Daily Creates the most.  This assignment allowed me to be creative and use all the ideas and skills that I have learned this semester and I have to say that by finishing up the final assignments I am getting a little sad but I am glad that I get to contribute to the course so that others may be able to complete one of my assignments in the future.

Caption That Assignment and Tutorial (This assignment can be attempted at


For this assignment I created I wanted to have fun were you can locate a picture on the web, take a picture while your out and about, anything creative and caption it to be funny.  I saw this picture and thought of so many things that could be taken from this picture.  A great place to get some ideas of captions added to photos is on the site Pinterest.  On that site you will find some of the funnest pictures and you will see several versions of the picture each having a caption that has been changed several times.  This assignment is a simple one but a fun one you also can remix it and add a recording to a photo playing your recorded caption and or make it dramatic with music and all. As I am typing the ideas are flowing so I hope that doing this assignment will be just as fun for you as it was for me to create it.  Below is the link to the tutorial for this assignment with step by step guide and my example.

Daily Create ideas

I submitted two ideas for the daily create this week.  It was so hard to think of something because I felt that each time I did a daily create it was not just a homework assignment but it was enjoyable also.  I had to think long and hard but I came up with the submissions of 1) Take a photo of someone wrapped up nice and cozy in a blanket 2) Take a photo of a unique pair of shoes that you see or have. I submitted these ideas and with my fingers crossed I hope that I will be able to used as a idea for future classes and people who simply enjoy doing the daily creates.

Create a music video


For this assignment I had to recreate a 2 minute segment from your favorite music video. Be creative and try to imitate it as much as possible similar clothes, makeup, scenery, etc. This was a little more challenging than I thought that it would be but I made it and a tutorial which you can see at

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