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    Final Project


    My final project is about my son being a superhero and no one knows it.  This was a fun way that I was able to depict my son in a story I used the assignment repository to chose a few different genres of what we learned in class.  This was …

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    Create a music video


    For this assignment you are to recreate a 2 minute segment from your favorite music video. Be creative and try to imitate it as much as possible similar clothes, makeup, scenery, etc

    Step One:

    Set up webcam on computer so that it can capture your video

    Step Two:

    Start playing …

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    Week 15


    It so hard to say goodbye, it seems like only yesterday I was just starting DS106.  I have to say that this was my favorite and least stressful class that I chose to take this semester.  I am so glad that I was able to take this course and learn …

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    Assignments, Tutorials, and Daily Create


    It took me a while to figure out what ideas I could contribute to this course since there has been so many different and excellent ideas that have been presented already.  I was surprised that after I submitted my work that I was able to be posted on the ds106 …

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    Weekly Summary


    The last 2 weeks we had to do 7 points worth of mashup assignments.  When I think of these assignments my headaches that I have been struggling with all week.  Everything that could go wrong went wrong this week.  My son spilled soda in my laptop and when I finished …

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    Remix Blog Post


    From the examples provided my interpretation of Remix is to not change the original contents meaning but add a creative twist to it or a fresh idea to it.  I have always been exposed to remixes because of my love of music.  Usually in songs a remix involves maybe changing …

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    Final Project Proposal


    I would like to focus my project on my son of course. I love the opportunity to focus on him and spend time showing him how to do things and he inspires me to always do my best no matter what. Since this is a chance for me to tell …

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    Week 11 and 12 Summary


    Over the past two weeks we have had to complete video assignments for this course.  I have really enjoyed looking at the work of my peers they are really a creative bunch.  I had fun and until the last two-week had no idea what it really meant to tell a …

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    Weekly Summary 10


    Hello World,

    I hope all is well and everyone is safe and those impacted by Sandy are recovering well.  This week was well used preparing myself for the upcoming assignments.  Not to mention that my car had to have major mechanical work done this week which broke the bank so …

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    3 Time Review/Eberts


    Three time review definitely made me look, listen, and analyze.  I never knew that blocking out one thing such as volume would make me pick up on different things going on in the scene.  I picked up on lighting when the volume was down and when I closed my eyes …

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    Video Assignments


    The two video assignments that I might consider doing next week are Joining the conversation and That 70s Show Circle. 

    The reasons that these two appeal to me is because I always watch that 70s show and I remember watching a Join the conversation video at the beginning of the …

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    Daily Create Week 10


    This week we were tasked with completing two daily create assignments.  I had fun doing this especially since they dealt with time and this week time falls back an hour.  It seems like they are right on the money because it is darker sooner and colder lol!  With no further …

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    Weekly Summary 9


    With hurricane Sandy approaching the east coast I decided to submit my summary a little earlier than I usually do to be on the safe side. (Incase I lose power for a few days which is the likely case!!!!)   This week was filled with difficult tasks for me I had …

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